Greb Wood Works

Greb wood works is a design/build custom furniture and fine art studio. The studio is maned and operated by Brian R. Greb. Brian is a mostly self-taught artist and craftsman. Greb Wood Works is a small private studio in Tomball TX. “Even though it is small I am able to work rather large… it just takes more planning.”

What does design/build mean?

In my case it means I work from sketches and ideas not from pre-made widely available plans. Projects I do are generally on a commission basis. How the process works; Primary consultation- I meet the client and get to know their likes and dislikes, what style they are looking for, and finally what the purpose of the piece is. Revisions meeting- I go over the drawings of the project and tweak the idea to suit the clients needs. After these steps I began the actual project but the client is very much part of the process. My goal is to produce Heirloom furniture… “my furniture will be in your family for generations, so I want the piece to feel like family from conception.”


I was involved in art and theater classes though out high school. This would be the extent of my formal training in the art world. Once out of High School I ventured directly in to “real” life. I drifted from job to job for a bit then I joined the military. The military was the heavy dose of reality I need to get me pointed in the right direction. Once out of the military I started to work in the construction industry doing remodels. I progressed from doing rough framing to trim work, soon I was doing cabinetry. After building cabinets for awhile I started to move more toward making and re-finishing furniture. This unlocked my creativity so I decided to start turning wood, my skills advanced quickly and soon found my-self creating gallery quality pieces. This brought me to joining a Gallery co-op, once I was part of the gallery I started to dabble in painting once again. One could say I have come full circle.