Here is a sampling of my works:

Choose Life “Choose Life” 18X18 Multimeda

Rise From the Ashes “Rise From The Ashes” 40″X42″ Multimedia

Lagniappe “Lagniappe” 18″X24″ Acrylic Resin

Brake Though “Break Though” 24″X30″ Acrylic on wood

Succubus “Succubus” 25.5″X31.5″ Acrylic on screen & canvas

Wasted Time “Wasted Time” 27″X33″ Acrylic on screen & canvas

Alchemy “Alchemy” 7″X17″ Wood & Metal leaf

Beginnings “Beginnings” 16″X21″ Wood, Dye, & Aluminum 

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  1. Gary Studabeck says:

    The key cabinet is breathtaking, good work! Really enjoyed the ‘Transparent America’ prodject as well.

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