Wasted Time

Dali inspired painting:

This is my version of Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory”. I had a crazy 2am idea to do a “melted clock painting” but I wanted to make it more 3D. So a way I went.

The process begins:

Starting out

It all starts with the sky.

Backwash and the start of some streams.


step #1 of the land on the first screen.

In this step of the process I have stretched some screen (petty coat lining) over the canvas background, and applied the first coat of gel medium tinted with transparent paints.

The land texture starts.

Airbrushed sky on screen.

Adding the water texture

Back to adding texture and depth to the background.

Screen layer over new background.

Adding some texture.

Screen and acrylic skin layer finished.

Starting to carve the clock.

Here is some woodwork… I just can’t seem to stay away from doing some woodwork.

Gilding the clock.

Woodwork done back to the artsy stuff!

Layer of gold paint added to the gold leaf to dull the finish a bit, and the branch painted.

Clock screen in place and airbrushed.

This is the foreground screen that the cock will be on.

Starting to paint Clock Face Skin.

The Clock Basil applied to the screen and beginning to build the “skin” for the face out of a mixture of acrylic clear mediums.

Freshly Finished

The freshly finished clock face and textured branch… all thats left to do is wait for the paint to dry and connect the 3 layers.

A Breakdown of the layers:

Here is a look at the back of the Canvas.

I like to title my paintings on back, also I give info on the meaning of my work. Most of my pieces now have a message, and I would like future generations to have some insight into what exactly I had in mind.

The fully finished Background Canvas.

After looking at the painting for a bit I finally decided to guild the streams with aluminum leaf. It adds a neat effect to the foreground skin.

Back of the "skin screen layer"

I thought it would be cool to show this side since most won’t see it.

Finished "Skin Screen Layer".

The second layer of the painting the “skin screen”, shown this time with a white background to show off the sky painted on the screen portion.

Back of the foreground screen.

I just like this view of the clock layer… I guess this is what it would look like to look out of the painted world.

Foreground screen with white back ground.

The white background shows the painted screen which depicts a eroded landscape.

Finished Painting:

All done.

Here’s the finished painting.

All done... with a flash.

27″X33″ Acrylic on screen and canvas with wood.


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